ABOUT Harry Houghton

Experienced. Qualified. Supportive.

Harry completed his undergraduate degree in Philosophical Studies: Knowledge and Human Interest at The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne in 2004 where he developed an interest in the ideas of Kierkegaard, Heidegger and Sartre which form the basis of Existential Therapies popular in Germany and the US. He then studied Freud, Jung, Lacan and Laing all of whom were greatly influential in the formation of modern psychiatry.

In his early twenties Harry was thankfully aware that, despite a burning interest in all things human, he lacked the life experience and maturity to carry this knowledge forward into therapeutic practice. Harry instead lived and worked in France, Italy, Argentina, Portugal, London, Dubai and Tanzania respectively throughout a twelve-year career which he was to assume countrywide responsibility for multi-national organisations.

Harry Houghton counsellor psychotherapist leading edge talk therapy

Now confident that he had developed the experience and maturity necessary to take on the responsibility of working with clients Harry chose to embark on a new chapter in his own life. Fiercely committed to carrying forward the expertise, ethics and approaches of traditional counselling and psychotherapy Harry is also uniquely placed to transfer the highest professional standards from previous roles to elevate expectations and meet client/customer need.

In his own words, "Choosing to leave a twelve year career and become a talk therapist seemed a terrible wrench at the time. Though those closest to me were reassuringly unsurprised my colleagues were utterly baffled. I knew, however, that in the long term this was the right move for me and I will be forever grateful that I took that leap of faith. I love my work, and seeing the difference it makes to the quality of life of my clients, and those around them, reminds me everyday that I made the right decision."

Following a further four years of study and over one hundred supervised practice hours Harry graduated from The University of Central Lancashire with a Post-graduate Distinction in Integrative Psychotherapy. Harry combines NHS referrals and pro bono work at a leading charitable North West counselling service provider with his private practice in Spinningfields, Manchester.

Professional Membership & Qualifications:

  • Registered Member of The British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP)

  • Integrative Psychotherapy, Postgraduate Diploma, The University of Central Lancashire, 2016-18

  • Advanced Counselling Skills, Postgraduate Certificate, The University of Central Lancashire, 2015-16

  • Counselling Skills, Certificate, The University of Central Lancashire, 2015

  • Philosophical Studies: Knowledge and Human Interest, BA (Hons),The University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, 2001-04

Additional Training & Professional Development:

  • Telephone & Webcam Counselling, 2020 

  • Recognising & Responding to Clients with Autism & ADHD, 2019

  • Safeguarding in Action, 2018

  • STORM Suicide Prevention Training, 2017

  • Motivational Interviewing for Anxiety and Depression, 2016