Privacy Policy

  • For the purposes of GDPR and ISO adherence Leading Edge must inform you of our privacy policy. This details how your information is used and stored.

  • Basic contact information used for day to day interaction which includes name, telephone number and email address is stored on a password protected electronic device mobile phone as well as our Wix Website Client Database. These details may also be used when communicating via Google, Microsoft and associated services.

  • Financial transactions such as card payments or bank transfers create virtual paper trails. For POS we use I-zettle. If you opt to receive receipts via email or text then these details are stored by I-zettle for the purpose. Purchases through our website are via Stripe or PayPal.

  • Any other information is stored in paper form in a secure location which can only be accessed by your therapist.

  • Client or session notes are kept for six months following the end of therapy at which point they are destroyed.

  • For fire safety and security purposes it is necessary to inform reception staff of your name and appointment time so that you can access the building.

  • Any information of a sensitive nature will be communicated to you via encrypted and password protected means.

  • You are entitled to view your client notes. Following a request to do so we must provide these to you within one month of said request.

  • By engaging in therapy with Leading Edge you accept the terms of our Privacy Policy.

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